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I am a 5th year PhD Candidate at the Center for Global Climate Change at Caltech. I am currently being advised by Dr. Christian Frankenberg, whose lab specializes in carbon cycling and remote sensing. My focus is on understanding the ultimate fate of methane and other carbon species in the atmosphere. To do this, I apply remote sensing and data assimulation to improve the way we detect, quantify, and trace carbon with satellites and ground-based sensors. I am also a recipient of the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship.

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Outreach and service are a substantial part of my scientific life. I am involved in diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts related to disability both within and outside of academia. Here's just a few of the outreach activities I have been up to recently...

Cofounder: Systemic Access Mentorship Program for Blind Students in STEM

I cofounded this mentorship program to bring together blind students in STEM and provides tools for success. To date, there have been 40 matched participants/mentees across 3 countries.

Member: Caltech Graduate Admissions Policy Committee

I was selected by the President of Caltech to be student representative for the faculty committee tasked with increasing student body diversity and rewriting graduate admissions policies. This work involved extensive analysis of past admissions data and policies from other institutions and resulted in a published white paper and a newly implemented admissions protocol by the university. [Read the report]

Invited speaker at Coca-Cola Headquarters, ComSciCom, Aira Corporation, the National Federation for the Blind, and more.

Please reach out if you are interested in having me speak to your organization on topics related to disability in STEM, endurance sports, or Asian-American activism.

Founder and President: Caltech Triathlon Club
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